Hai Nguyen

I'm always a customer advocate. I think our very existence as a business revolves around whether you are happy. I'm currently on leave from my PhD at Stanford, and have personally helped with dozens of company projects. Let me know how I can help your business succeed.

Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez

I grease our software. I've a PhD in Computer Science --- but I'm all about making things work. Recently, I'm most focused on customer engagement, and making sure we make the best experience for Priority Matrix ® customers. Let me know if I'm doing a good job!

Luis Adarve-Martin

I'm most excited about learning. I build a lot of our core technologies, and I'm always looking for new things to learn. I want to figure out what's the next thing to build for customers. If you have good ideas on what features we should build them-- let me know!

Appfluence had the pleasure of hosting Steve Ballmer, past CEO of Microsoft, at our StartX office!

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