Hai Nguyen

I'm always a customer advocate. I think our very existence as a business revolves around whether you are happy. I'm currently on leave from my PhD at Stanford, and have personally helped with dozens of company projects. Let me know how I can help your business succeed.

Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez

I grease our software. I've a PhD in Computer Science --- but I'm all about making things work. Recently, I'm most focused on customer engagement, and making sure we make the best experience for Priority Matrix customers. Let me know if I'm doing a good job!

Luis Adarve-Martin

I'm most excited about learning. I build a lot of our core technologies, and I'm always looking for new things to learn. I want to figure out what's the next thing to build for customers. If you have good ideas on what features we should build them-- let me know!

Appfluence had the pleasure of hosting Steve Ballmer, past CEO of Microsoft, at our StartX office!

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