Plan, track, and organize your priorities across projects and devices

Appfluence LLC is a software company based in Palo Alto, CA. We are founded in 2010 by technology experts with extensive experience and interest in making a frictionless workplace. Appfluence has showcased Priority Matrix during multiple events at Stanford University, including the Stanford Product Showcase and the BASES product development accelerator Forge. Appfluence hosted booths at both MacWorld 2011 and mobile conference AppNation in San Francisco. Appfluence is a proud Stanford StartX incubator company, and has been repeatedly selected among the top companies coming out of Stanford.

As of January 2014, we have more than 81,500 paid customers, and Priority Matrix is used across the world in small and large companies. We're proud to help our customers fundamentally change the way they work and grow their businesses.

We're passionate about productivity because we ourselves are subjected to the same modern day information overload you face. We believe that through prioritization and focus, we can do less, achieve more, and live better lives. This is why we made Priority Matrix, and with it, we hope to share our vision with you.

Priority Matrix is not for everyone. In the end, Priority Matrix is just a tool, and both personal and team productivity is really about you and how you spend your time. If you resonate with us, send us an email and let us know what challenges you face.

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“Synergy — the bonus that is achieved when things work together harmoniously.”

-Mark Twain

Appfluence founding team

Hai Nguyen

Jack of all trades, Hai is a customer advocate by nature, and an operations excellence specialist by nurture. Hai holds a Masters of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford, is an NSF Graduate Fellow, and is currently on leave from his PhD in Mechanical Engineering Design to work full-time at Appfluence. He has worked on multiple process improvement projects in several multi-billion dollar companies, and contributed as coach and consultant on a dozen company projects through his research work. Hai’s specialties include process improvement, process modeling, productivity measurement, systems designs, and design thinking.

Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez

Software quality is what tickles Pablo's interest. Pablo holds a PhD in Computer Science, is an award-winning research author, and after years of working with a Fortune 100 company, joins Appfluence as a full-time technical co-founder. Pablo’s specialties are software systems and computer graphics. With a diverse array of technologies in place, someone has to make sure bits and bytes are happy and well greased. His PhD in CS and experience at major Silicon Valley giants make him the man for the job. Pablo’s most recent focus is on building user engagement, and building the best experience for our Priority Matrix customers.

Luis Adarve-Martin

Product Development
Luis holds a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University, and was as undergraduate Valedictorian and recipient for the Spanish National Award for Best Computer Science Student. Luis has extensive experience in software development through his previous work in the enterprise software and financial trading industries. His research specialty is in natural language and artificial intelligence. As a full-time co-founder at Appfluence, Luis focuses on development of core technology products.

Appfluence had the pleasure of hosting Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, at our StartX office!