General questions
Is there an onboarding or user-manual?
Yes. We have on-boarding materials with video and screenshots training for each of our platforms, so go to Priority Matrix® 101 to help get you started.
Who are you?
We are a team of hard-working technologists dedicated to making the world a more productive place. Check out the "about us" section to know more.
What is Priority Matrix®?
Priority Matrix® is a multiplatform tool that helps you focus on what really matters. President Eisenhower used the technique on paper. Now we bring it to the 21st century on your favorite computing device.

Basic usage

How do I learn about Priority Matrix® sync?
It's just a matter of creating an account, confirming it, and then signing into each of your apps to get all your data to sync. It's best to learn it through our on-boarding page.

iPad version

iPhone version

Mac version

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