General questions
  • What is Priority Matrix® and what platforms are supported?

    Priority Matrix is a software tool based on [the 4-quadrant paradigm](link to the FAQ about it). Priority Matrix improves your life by helping you prioritize, organize and report your work. Currently, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows versions are available and there is a web version under development.

  • What can I use Priority Matrix for?

    Our customers use it to run their daily lives, manage employees, keep track of projects, communicate with consulting clients. You can find more ideas on how to use Priority Matrix® blog post ( If you have an original way to use Priority Matrix®, let us know!

  • Who makes Priority Matrix?

    Priority Matrix is made by a team of hard-working technologists dedicated to making the world a more productive place. Check out our About Us section to know more.'

  • Do I need to install the app to use Priority Matrix?

    Yes. Please feel free to do so here -

  • How can I contact PM?

    We love helping our customers. Please feel free to use one of these options to contact us:
    1) shoot us an email to
    2) book a time at and we’ll give you a call
    3) stop by, we’ll discuss your efficiency issues over a cup of a really good tea ;)

  • How can I give you feedback or request a feature?

    We love feedback! Shoot us an email at for feedback or request a feature here and tell us what makes you excited about that feature. We're pretty good at writing back quickly!

Basic usage
  • How do I find an item?

    To search for items across all projects, simply type what you're looking for in the search box, press done or enter, and the quadrants across all the lists will instantly show only items that match your search. Priority Matrix® combines this search with your other filters, like showing only unfinished items. Use those features to further refine your results.

  • I really can't find an item!

    Check that you aren’t searching for items in your search filter, and that your viewing modes are set appropriately. First, clear your search filter. Then, check that your viewing mode is set to “Show all items”. If you are still having trouble, we may be able to help. Drop us a line using the support page on our website.

  • Why can't I move an item?

    You are probably in sorted mode (alphabetical, by date, etc). Set Priority Matrix® to manual order mode and try again.

  • How do I change an icon?

    Tap on an item to enter edit mode, then tap on the icon to bring up the icon selection choices. You can scroll through the icons with a left-to-right swipe and choose icons that you find fitting for your item.

  • Can I email a project?

    Absolutely. To send a specific quadrant by email: tap on the email icon. You will have 5 choices, tap the middle to send all your quadrants, or tap one of the four corners to send the individual quadrants. An image is automatically attached to all your emails depending on your email selection. Email is supported at different levels across our different versions. We keep improving them all.

Mobile Apps
  • Is there a free version?

    Yes -- the basic iOS apps are completely free to use. You can upgrade anytime and you can downgrade anytime to the free version. We are currently working on making the Android version available for free.

  • How can I move items between projects?

    On your iPhone or Android phone, just hold the item and drag it toward the side of the screen. If you have more than one project, you'll see them slide left or right to flip through your projects. Drop the item at the right location. On your iPad, use the multi-touch capabilities! Hold down on an item with one finger, and with another finger, tap on the destination project. The drop the item in the correct quadrant.

  • Can you make the screen bigger?

    Not really, but if you turn your phone sideways, you'll have a little more space to work with. You can also make your font size bigger in your side menu for easier reading. Alternatively, try our iPad or Mac versions!

  • How can I change the project name, or color or name of the quadrants?

    Tap on the project name in the main screen to customize the project name, quadrant titles and colors. Choose your favorite color (blue steel?) and drag it onto the items of the quadrant you want to recolor.

Desktop Apps
  • How do I import data from my iPhone or iPad to my Desktop?

    Use the sync service. Your data is shows automagically on your Mac or Windows, and changes can be transferred back and forth with just a couple of clicks. Additionally, you can import/export .pmatrix files from the "File" -> "Export PMatrix File"

  • How can I change the project name, or color or name of the quadrants?

    Simply click on the project name itself to start editing the project names -- or the quadrant names to edit the quadrants. Click the color palette in the quadrant names to change the colors. It's best to watch the Mac on-boarding videos or Windows on-boarding videos

  • How can I move items from project to project?

    Simply hold down on the item you want to move, and drag it to another project. The project showing will change to the one you're hovering over, and you'll be able to drop to the appropriate quadrant.

  • What is Priority Matrix sync?

    Sync is what allows you to access your data from any device that runs Priority Matrix®. You can take quick notes during meetings or while waiting to board your flight. Even if you only have one device, you can use sync to back up your data! Sync also allows you to collaborate, sync files, receive daily reports, and keep track of your activities for historical reviews.

  • How does sync work?

    Sync happens automatically and seamlessly when you are signed in from any platform. Your data is stored locally and when your device connects to our cloud servers through sync, a copy of your local data is propagated to our servers. The transmission is secured using SSL Security and your data is stored on our servers using password and key protection. In case of conflict between two editions on the same item, the latest one will remain, allowing you to have the most updated information with you anywhere you go.

  • How does Priority Matrix handle data conflicts?

    The latest version wins. This means that if you edit one item on two devices, and sync them later, the information from the device that's synced last will override the device that was synced first. This is how most sync services operate since it's impossible to figure out your true intentions. So the best strategy is to always keep your devices synced before making changes. When working with something particularly important, we suggest you add it as a new item as new items are never overwritten by other devices.

  • I forgot my Priority Matrix account password!

    You can reset your password here. You'll receive a confirmation email -- so make sure you check and confirm your new password.

  • I lost data when syncing. Help!

    We've put in a lot of mechanisms in place to protect your data. Don't panic. Just send us an email at, describe what happened and we'll try our best to help. Don't delete your app because it may delete backups as well!

  • I just lost a list while syncing!

    Don't worry, it's likely recoverable (but only if you don't delete the app). While it's not guaranteed, it could be that somehow the client didn't send the list up to the server. We're keeping backups just in case, so likely we'd be able to help you recover it-- contact us at

  • I just updated to a new version and sync does't work.

    Sometimes we change the hashing algorithms for the password and, therefore, we require you to reset your password here. Since we never store passwords as plain text for your security, there's usually no other way around it.

  • I'm experiencing a sync error or having problems syncing Priority Matrix.

    Check a couple of things. We've noticed that 4G connection and Wifi can interfere with each other, leading to a sync error. Also, our server could be down for maintenance and upgrade, just email us if it's urgent. Lastly, check your email and password.

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