Finding the best to do list app with a to do list template

Finding the best to do list app or software is a difficult task, given all of the choices available these days. However, you can make sure that you find the most valuable software by breaking the task down into smaller parts.

First, you need to find out what kind of to do list template suits your style of working. There are many different ways to create a to do list, and I want to lay some of them out here. If you are using the template for work purposes, try the weekly status report templates instead. Try working with some of the following to do list templates to see what you like best:

If you want to use GTD templates, SWOT templates, then you can simply use the Priority Matrix software, which allows you to create, export, and share 4-quadrant templates.

Obviously, for those that prefer the simplest methods, you could just write your to dos down in any random order on a piece of paper, and cross them out as you complete them.

Things I have to do:

  1. Buy groceries
  2. Go to doctor’s office
  3. Visit parents
  4. Pick kids up from school

However, by spending less time organizing your ideas, you may end up wasting more time later while completing the tasks.

Here is a to do list template with a little more complexity, which can be found at the  Microsoft Office Templates website:

to do list template

You can download the .docx file for this template here, or at the Microsoft Office Templates page here. This template adds more useful information onto the previous template, like “Due Date” and includes “Who” the task might involve.

I personally find it easier to sort not only my tasks, but to sort my to do lists. I will have different to do lists for different parts of my life. For instance, I will have one for work, and one for home/life in general. Here is an example of how multiple to do lists can be useful:

To do list template

Download the .docx file for this to do list template here.

And last, but certainly not least, is the to do list template that we like to use here at Appfluence. The time management matrix is our bread and butter, with good reason. We simply believe that organizing our tasks into 4 different levels of priority and urgency allows us to choose which tasks should be done first. Take a look here for the explanation of the 4-quadrant method.

Got any ways you create to-do-lists? Let us know in the comments.

Learn more about Priority Matrix for  WindowsiPhoneiPad, and Mac.


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