Simple and effective task management for busy people
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Perfect for One Person
Includes iOS, Mac, Windows upgrades. File attachments.
Save $21 with annual license.
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Perfect for Two Users
Collaborate on projects. Delegate tasks. Share files. Two users.
Save $29 with annual license.
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Perfect for a Small Team
Collaborate and share projects . Includes 10 seats/users.
Save $449 with annual license.
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Team of Teams
Collaborate and share projects. Includes 50 seats/users.
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Thousands of businesses use Priority Matrix. We're trusted by people at:

  • "What a great app. I have been using it on my iPhone, iPad, and now PC for several months, and really can't live without it."

    Sunny Lowe, CEO, Blue Jeans Networks

  • "Phenomenal. Our business wouldn't run the same without it! Been highly recommending it to all suppliers and partners!"

    Jon Cates, Plant Manager, CCL Industries

  • "Priority Matrix 2.0 is a well-designed time-management tool that lets business-minded users visually organize lists, agendas, and priorities by color and labels.

    PC Magazine

  • "Easy-to-use organization features and allows its users to share projects across an entire team."

    San Francisco Business Times

  • "Priority Matrix is a visual planning tool that is intuitive and easy to use with the basic functionality that makes organizing and managing your activities a cinch."

    Mark Woods, Author, AttackYourDay

  • "Get things done with Priority Matrix"

    ClickSoftware, Top 28 Mobile Business Productivity Apps

  • "Putting a focus on priority, this task management app will help you stay on track of everything from performing routine yard work to putting together a new marketing campaign."


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Common Questions

➤ Is Priority Matrix for me?
Priority Matrix is designed for disciplined individuals to take their work to the next level by focusing on important things first. If you primarily work on iOS, Mac and Windows devices, Priority Matrix can help you keep track of all your work, and keep them synchronized wherever you may be.
➤ Which license is right for me?
Licenses is dependent on the number of other people you work with. If you are using PM on your own, choose Individual. If you work with a partner or an executive admin, choose Partner. If you manage a small team between 2 and 10, choose Manager. If you manage up to 50 people, or manage people that manage smaller teams, choose Director. We can help you decide, just shoot us a note:
➤ How does licensing work?
Full licenses come with iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows with all capabilities. Personal licenses have limited capabilities. All apps sync together and all licenses can collaborate across teams. Team members don't have to buy their own licenses if they're added to an existing team with enough seats.
➤ What if Priority Matrix isn't right for me?
Purchases of our software plans come with a full 100% 30-day money back guarantee. This is rare in the subscription business world, but your satisfaction is very important to us, and will offer you a full refund with very little work involved.
➤ Can I get live on-boarding support?
Yes. If your organization is 50 or more people, you can request a live intro with live Q&A for your group. Simply contact us at with a phone # and a good time for us to call you.
➤ I have another question...
No problem! We'd love to discuss any questions you may have. Contact us at with your questions or let us know whats a good time and number to call you at.

Software Capabilities

Priority Matrix Capabilities List Personal Business Enterprise
organize visually
see it, drag it, change it, do it
colorful icons
add another layer of categorization
customize colors & templates
choose from our set palettes or create your own
easy zoom
designed with accessibility in mind, scalable font sizes
work offline
whether you're flying or in an elevator, never miss an idea
cloud sync
sync seamlessly, automatically, across iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows, Android
installable software
installs cleanly to your device -- no more looking through tabs, and your data's with you
device friendly
whether you're a Mac, PC, iPhone, or Android user, we've got you covered
custom views
see only the things you need to see
leave in-depth notes for your team or yourself
set due dates & reminders
never miss a deadline with visual reminders
recurring tasks
call someone every week? Check. Send her flowers twice a year? Also check.
see all your important priorities in one spot
sync calendars
see your tasks in Outlook, iCal, Lotus, and Google Calendar
email tasks
email your Priority Matrix inbox to turn emails into tasks
sophisticated sorting & filters
sort items by 10+ different criteria or easily filter by date
collaborate with multiple users
communicate in-app, through emails, leave detailed project notes, and see daily progress
centralize priorities
focus your whole team ont he most urgent and critical tasks
assign tasks
always know who is responsible for which tasks
drag & drop
drag emails, files, images, URLs onto the matrix to create tasks
project feed
a detailed history of each of your projects
import and export projects
share, save, and store backups of projects on your desktop
daily reports
get a report of work done and to be done daily
generate reports
quickly create a report of in-progress or completed tasks for team members
file attachments & sharing
attach and upload multiple files to tasks that syncs across collaborators and devices.
* 1 GB storage per user for business
** Unlimited storage available for enterprise
* **

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