Priority Matrix, Top 10 Productivity iPhone App!

Thank you, Priority Matrix users! You’ve helped us get into the Top 10 iPhone Productivity apps in the iTunes store! We’re super excited that we’re the top iPhone task management app right now in the US.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, click here!

Priority Matrix Top 10 Free Productivity iPhone App

We’re also in the Top 10 Productivity apps in 34 40 international markets! Let’s see how high we can go!

At this glorious moment, we’re ahead of Evernote on the iPhone in more than a dozen countries, including the US! Share the excitement with us and spread the word.

Learn more about Priority Matrix for WindowsiPhoneiPad, and Mac.


Take Action on Productivity - Try Priority Matrix Now!


  1. Actually, late last night we climbed to #5, and we’re still there. Great to see all these new users!

  2. I think you guys have a great thing going here and the price point it what i think attracts alot more people as apposed to omnifocus. I’m just learning how to use it but so far it all makes sense and im sure it will help me manage my time more effectively.

    thanks again.


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